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How do you respond to an apology?

You have to be polite because the person in question is asking for forgiveness and will be hurt if you respond with a nasty retort. The most natural way is to say "That's alri (MORE)
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What is the adverb for respond?

There is no direct adverb for the verb respond or the noun  response.   However, the related noun responsiveness has an adjective form  "responsive" and the adverb is "r (MORE)

To what do antibodies respond?

Antibodies are secreted by a special group of white blood cells called lymphocytes. Each type of cell (including bacteria) has a unique protein on its cell membrane - an antig (MORE)

How do you respond to thanks?

Response To The Word 'Thanks' From Someone: . The person is thanking you for something nice you said or did for them and you should simply say, 'You're welcome' or, 'It's m (MORE)

How do you respond to encantado?

Encantado means "enchanted." You could say, "Igualmente." which means, "Likewise." with the sense that you too are enchanted to meet the person saying "Encantado."
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Is it respond to or respond for?

It can be either one, depending on your meaning. You would "respond to" a question or comment directed at you. You would "respond for" someone else who cannot respond for the (MORE)

How do sharks respond?

  sharks respond by using there eyes they never shut so that makes it easy to use them all the time plus the ocean is a big quiet place so u dont hear that much seaing as (MORE)

How hydra respond?

Hydra will retract their tentacles into their body stem when touched. This is a response inherent in the plants from many centuries ago. Hydra do not like to be touched and (MORE)
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How do you respond to hi?

A response to 'hi' could be 'hello', 'hi' or 'hey'. You could also  ask the person how they are.