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What is system restore?

System restore is a new feature in Windows versions after and including Windows ME (which includes ME, XP, 2000). This feature of Windows allows the user to revert the system ( Full Answer )
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What is restorative dentistry?

Restorative dentistry is the study, identification and integratedmanagement of teeth diseases and their supporting structures andthe treatment of the dentition to functional a ( Full Answer )
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What is restoring couple?

There is no definition for restoring couple in relation toMicrosoft Windows. There is possibly a different term you arelooking for.
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What does restoration mean?

Restoration means to bring something back to its originalcondition. For example, there is art restoration in which old worksof art are brought back to how they looked original ( Full Answer )
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How do you restore PC?

By "Restore" do you mean restore to factory default or restore to previous state? If you mean to factory default some computers have a feature built-in, either software or a ( Full Answer )
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How do you restore swords?

The restoration of antique swords is a technology and an art. Running sand paper over the surface to remove rust and touching up the edge with a file is like painting eyebrows ( Full Answer )
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How do i restor emails?

You can try to find and recover your emails with Easy Mail Recovery software. The program uses original algorithms that assist in the recovery of a maximum number of messag ( Full Answer )
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How do you restore a Mac?

You can take it into an apple store an they can restore it from another mac or wipe the hard drive