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How do you retrain a thoroughbred horse?

is it a ex race horse? if it is it you need to completely go back to basics as race horses are trained to race and not quietly plod along roads. You need to lunge lead and get (MORE)

How do you retrain a horse to ride?

\nTreat it as if it's never been ridden. Start slowly getting used to the tack, then get on and walk, try a trot, etc. Make sure to listen to the horse and go at their speed (MORE)

Can extrotters be retrained?

They can to a certain extent. Standardbreds are bred to trot. Then they are trained to trot more and faster. To train or untrain depending on how you look at it, you need to g (MORE)

How do you retrain a rabbit to use litter box?

Rabbits can be taught, re-taught to use a litter box, rabbits normally use one corner of their hutch/cage to poo in, if you get a litter box, and put some saw dust ectra in it (MORE)

How do you spell retrained or retraining?

Both are correct, depending on the context. People must be retrained in a C.P.R. refresher course. After being retrained in C.P.R., students are certified. Retraining in C (MORE)

What does retraining mean?

If you have been doing one job say working in a post office and nowwant to change job to become a bank teller, then you would need toget some training on how to do you new job (MORE)