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What figure of speech is fatal shore?

It is a 'transferred epithet' where in the word 'fatal' is the epithet and the poetic device is a transferred epithet as 'shore' in itself is not fatal but the events that hav (MORE)

10 types of figure of speech?

1. Simile It is a specific comparison made by means words such as "like" or "as" between two kinds of objects. "Reason is to faith as the eye to the telescope", an example of (MORE)

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List of words related to home?

· area rug · bed · couch · drapes · entertainment center · footstool · grandfather clock · highchair · loveseat · mirror · nightstand · (MORE)

What is the important of figure of speech?

Figure of speech is a literary device used as rhetoric device in expository speech by use of:metaphors,hyperbole,asyndetons,hyperbaton,polyptoton,alliterations,similes,hyperbo (MORE)

What are the different types of figures of speech?

See Related LinksSee the Related Links for "Figures of Speech Explained" to the bottom for the answer. The main figures of speech types are: Tropes, Metaplasmic Figures, Fig (MORE)

What are the figures of speech in the gift of the magi?

The Figures of Speech used in The Gift of the Magi were; a.Hyperbole b.Personification c.Simile d.Allusion e.Metaphor
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