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What nationality is Robert De Niro?

De Niro's father was of Italian and Irish descent, and his mother was of German, French, and Dutch ancestry.
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Does Robert De Niro have kids?

He has two children, one child with previous wife Diahnne Abbott, a boy named Rahael, and one child with current wife Grace Hightower another boy named Elliot. He also adopted (MORE)

What is boron?

It is a brownish color element that was discovered in 1808 by Humphrey Davy. It is used to help with arthritis pain and building. Atomic # : 5 Atomic Mass: 10.811 # of Electr (MORE)

Who are Robert De Niro's children?

Robert De Niro has five children - one adopted child and four biological children: Drena (adopted) Twins Aaron and Julian, b. 1995 Elliot, b. 1998 Helen, b. 2011
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What is the history of Robert De Niro?

Robert De Niro was born on August 17, 1943 in Greenwich Village, New York City. He has Italian, Irish, English, German, French and Dutch ancestry. He played the Cowardly Lion (MORE)