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Do you get on Roblox?

Go on, make an account, download roblox, and start playing games. BTW you don't need to download ROBLOX if you either use Internet Explorer or FireFox. You can also (MORE)

How do you get to your Roblox?

Well Now you click My roblox then click profile. To acess messages click inbox. To update your profile press account. There are tons of tabs to click on so you get the point.

Where is ROBLOX?

Google it, the first result is the website. I can't post links on here, got my wrist slapped before.

What can you do with Roblox?

Roblox can help you to think outside the box with a variety of stuff to do. You can build your own place, make videos, take screenshots and send it to your friends and much mo (MORE)
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What can you do in ROBLOX?

Because I love ROBLOX myself, you could say I was an addict. anyway, Basicly people make dimensions that you can play in,IE: assassins creed on ROBLOX is fun, or you can play (MORE)

Who is roblox on roblox?

ROBLOX is an avatar which all the admins use to upload hats, gear etc. It is not a real player and people often get this mixed up.

What do you do on Roblox?

Well, for starters, you make a place and then when your done, upload it and then you can dress up your guy, and ect. You can do a lot of stuff on Roblox. The problem is BC (Bu (MORE)
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Do you have a Roblox?

Yes i do P.S. You can't have a roblox, but you can have a robloxian. I do too, My name is DrScotteh

How do you get on roblox?

To get on ROBLOX go to the official website (see the related link). Then click "Play Now". Go to the Sign Up Box fill in your age. Then click Continue.