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Who is roland reiss?

Roland Reiss is a Los Angeles-based artist & art teacher. Roland has exhibited world-wide since the 70s and has taught at Claremont Graduate University, Idyllwild Art, and oth (MORE)

Who is Roland Carnaby?

ROLAND VINCENT CARNABY (1956-2008) American spy and CIA officer who specialized in the Middle East and Lebanese studies. Son of an American diplomat to Lebanon and businessman (MORE)
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What artists inspired Roland Orzabal?

Roland Orzabal was influenced by many classic rock artists, including: David Bowie The Beatles Peter Gabriel Talking Heads Genesis The Velvet Underground Roxy Music ABC T. Rex (MORE)

Who is Roland winkler?

He is the man who was paralyzed in an accident in a car that was driven by Leif Garrett. Both of them were not sober at the time. They reunited in an episode of Behind the Mus (MORE)

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What is le chanson de roland?

"La Chanson de Roland" is an epic poem written in the 12th century, using the form of French that was spoken in England at the period. It is the first of its genre, and depict (MORE)