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What is a ROM?

Since this question was asked in the computer/software questionthen I would assume you're talking about Read Only Memory (ROM) theROM is the part of a computers memory that ca (MORE)
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What does ROM stand for in CD-ROM?

ROM = R ead O nly M emory. Though a CD-R can be written to, generally, it's only once. Then the CD can only be read and being a form of memory, can be called ROM or CDROM w (MORE)
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Where is ROM stored?

Read Only Memory can be found on computer hardware likemotherboards and processors. ROM is used to store data that doesnot to be changed in the normal running of a computer.
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What is the function of ROM?

Its a "Read Only Memory" a type of memory that can only be embedded on a device, like your phone, digital camera, Bios, calculator
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Are DVD-ROMs and CD-ROMs illegal they are roms after all?

A 'rom' becomes illegal if it is transferred to a medium that it is not licensed for. So a NDS ROM is legal while it is on its original NDS Gamepak, a DVD's contents is legal (MORE)
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What is a ROM pitbulls?

You will find that in the registration papers meaning Register of Merit. It goes for any breed.
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What are the purpose of ROM?

Range of motion (ROM) exercises assist in recovery from fractures, trauma and a variety of other medical conditions. They help the patient regain functional mobility and flexi (MORE)
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What does computer ROM do?

as far as i know there is two different things,, one of which is ram this stores the fata on your computer temporarily (from when u turn ur system on till u turn it off) the o (MORE)
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What does ROM contain?

Different ROM -type memories contain these essential start-up data, i.e.: . The BIOS is a programme for controlling the system's main input-output interfaces, hence the nam (MORE)
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What is in ROM?

ROM=read only memory .that is wht we cant do any changes on rom for ex;cd ,dvd,bios(basic input output service )