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Who was reverend Sykes collecting money for?

Helen Robinson. tom's wife. because with tom in jail she couldn't find work to support her and their kids
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Does Nathan Sykes have a girlfriend?

Actually, Nathan Sykes and dionne bromfield are just good friends. Nathan has been told that he is not allowed to date anyone because after the rumor that he was dating dionne (MORE)

Where does Oliver Sykes parents live?

Sheffield I'm not telling you exactly where cause then people will trespass and that's not cool nor fair.
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Is oli Sykes emo?

He's not scene or emo. Not he does he have an emo haircut. He doesn't like to be labelled anything, I know, it's from an interview. He's just himself.
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What did Nathan Sykes get on his GCSE results?

Unfortunately none, he failed the complete course and will be trying to retake in 2015
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