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Which is worse a hurricane or a tropical storm?

A hurricane is typically worse. Tropical storm winds range from  39-73 mph and storm surge typically does not exceed 3 feet. A  hurricane has winds of at least 74 mph. winds (MORE)
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What good do hurricanes and snow storms do?

Hurricanes help with the water cycle by carrying water to new places that need water.Snow storms are alot alike but the storms don't go that far.Still they do cause much damag (MORE)
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Which hurricane was call the perfect storm?

  Hurricane Grace although at the time of "the perfect storm" it was no longer the original hurricane but a storm that had regenerated into a hurricane because of other fa (MORE)

What separates a hurricane from other storms?

A Typhoon is what a Hurricane in the Pacific becomes once it crosses the 180 degree line. If it would go into the Indian Ocean, it would become a Cyclone. The same storm in Au (MORE)

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