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Why did Mary rose sank?

there have been many theories why the Mary rose sank but the main answer that scientist think that could have been most likely was that it was too heavy. all the souldiers and (MORE)

Who made the Mary Rose ship?

the Mary rose was made by Henry VII in Portsmouth, England in 1509-1511. it then sunk in 1545 in the french fleet, it had survived 30 years.:)  
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Why was the Mary rose ship famous?

yes, The Mary Rose is famous because people on the ship died for us - - - - - It's famous in part because it fought many battles over a period of 36 years, but went down with (MORE)

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Why does roses represent Mary?

Well, the thorns of a rose shows that Mary was hurt by them and shows her pain when she saw her son, Jesus, in pain. The rose shows how beautiful she was. hope you like my ans (MORE)

When and where was The Mary Rose built?

  The Mary Rose was an English Tudor carrack warship built in Portsmouth, England in the years 1509 and 1510.   She was thought to be named after King VIII's sister Ma (MORE)
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How did Mary Rose get her name?

The mary rose got her name because Henry the 3rd has a fav sister named mary and rose because the emblem of the tudors
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