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Who won the Russo-Japanese War?

Japan won the majority of battles on land and sea, but the Japanese had 47,152 lives lost while the Russians only lost 25,331 lives lost. No one really won the war, Theodore R (MORE)

How did Japan win the Russo-Japanese War?

Actually, Japan came fairly close to losing the war against Russia; Japan was running out of money, and was nearly bankrupted by the war. Russia, on the other hand was "just w (MORE)

How did imperialism lead to Russo-Japanese War?

Imperialism was extpanding in East Asia.. Sooner or later that  expansion was going to run into someone else's border line. When it  did with Russia and Japan it resulted in (MORE)

Why was Russo-Japanese War so surprising?

The Russo-Japanese War had a suprising outcome because Russia had once been a formitable power, and Japan hadn't gotten very much attention as far as being a country of wartim (MORE)

What was the outcome of the russo-Turkish war?

The 1877-1878 Russo-Turkish War was intended for Russia to reclaim some of it's territory lost during the Crimean War of 1853-1856; also sometimes referred to as the Russo-Tur (MORE)

Summary of Russo-Japanese War?

1. Competition between Russian & Japan for territory in the Korean region. 2. Russia lost 2 of it's 3 battleship fleets during the war. 3. The only remaining battleship fleet, (MORE)
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What were the problems with the Russo-Japanese war?

For the Russians their battlefleets had to travel 18,000 miles one way just to get there. Their armies had to march or railroad a long distance to get to the front. Transporta (MORE)