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How was willoughby spit in Norfolk formed?

The area known as Willoughby Spit takes its name from Thomas Willoughby, who came to Virginia in 1610 and received a land grant around 1625. Willoughby's son, Thomas II, was l (MORE)

Why is the water in car radiator rusty?

  the water in your radiator is rusty because your antifreeze/water ratio is not correct. Antifreeze serves two important functions: protecting the cooling system at tempe (MORE)

Why is it dangerous to drive a rusty car?

Surface rust isn't dangerous, cancerous rust on the frame can be dangerous because the car could snap in half depending on the extent of the rust. The best solution usually is (MORE)
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Can you kill someone with a rusty knife?

You can kill someone with a rusty knife because 1st its a knife and 2nd it has rust . If the knife didn't kill them the disease from the rust would only if they didn't get a s (MORE)

Is a rusty food can dangerous?

Rust is responsible for ptomaine poisoning which can be quite deadly, so I toss cans with more than light surface rust. Rust is responsi
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How to remove rusty nut?

Any hardware store sells a chemical compound in a little bottle called "Liquid Wrench". Thoroughly soak the nut in that, come back 20 minutes later and thoroughly soak it agai (MORE)
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How many calories in a rusty nail?

Approximately 1000 maybe a little more if you add milk 2000 but they're better plain (;
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Is rusty a verb?

No, it is an adjective (rusted, or out of practice). It is related  to the noun rust and the verb to rust.
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