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What play was funded by the money Harry Frazee received from selling Babe Ruth to the Yankees?

  The name of the play was "No, No, Nanette," which was a musical version of a play Frazee produced in 1920 called "My Lady Friends." The problem is there is absolutely no (MORE)

Who is Ruth?

Ruth is the main character from the book of Ruth, from the oldtestament of the bible. She is a Moabite woman that marries one ofNaomi's son's. All of Naomi's sons die and she (MORE)

Who was Ruth?

Ruth was a Moabitess who left behind the paganism of her home nation to follow the God of Israel. She was married in Moab to the Israelite, Mahlon. When she was widowed, she s (MORE)

Who was Ruth from The Bible?

Ruth was a woman from Moab who was first married to Mahlon of Judah. She was widowed. Her mother-in-law, Naomi, returned to her homeland and Ruth accompanied her. Naomi urged (MORE)

Who was Babe Ruth and what did he do?

Famous baseball player. One of the best. Played for the Yankees. His real name is Geroge Herman Ruth. Born in Baltimore, Maryland on February 6, 1895 and died in New York, New (MORE)

Who is Boaz and Ruth?

According to Josephus, Boaz was a rich landowner who lived at the Eli. Ruth, the widowed Moabite daughter-in-law of Naomi, was his wife. Both of them were major figures in The (MORE)

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Was Ruth a Preacher?

Ruth of the book of Ruth was not a prophet or a preacher. In fact she was not even a Jew. Her former mother-in-law Naomi helped her to adjusted to life in Israel since Ruth ha (MORE)