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What were the clothing styles in the 1950's?

Women's skirts varied in width, ranging from slender figures to the Donna Reed style puffed dress, worn with petticoats. Women usually had an hourglass figure with broader sho (MORE)

What are some clothes from the 1980's?

Answer . any neon cloors, funky patterns, puffy sleeves, lace, sequins, sparkles, lace gloves, converse, lyrca, DayGlo clothes, scarves, hugley teased hair, tight tees, ban (MORE)

What were clothes like in the 1960's?

1960-1962 - At this time, there was a carry over from the 50's, including the "bouffant" look. A "bouffant" look is a dress where the top part is tight and the skirt of the d (MORE)

What is Clothing beginning with s?

shorts . skirt . sweat pants . sweat suit . sweatshirt . slacks . suit . sun dress . sash (similar to a belt, usually a strip of cloth) . sarong . swim trunks . swi (MORE)

What was the clothing like in the 1800's?

They were very conservative and simple....they usually had one Sunday outfit and two everyday wore cotton breeches and shirts, women wore long dresses...people (MORE)
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What is the age of the clothing size s?

It's not an age. It is just a size small. Like if you're 6 years old you might wear a size small or if you're 11years old it's possible to wear size small. It just depends on (MORE)