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Can an anecdote be sad?

An anecdote is a little story that is used as an example or to illustrate a point. Yes, it can be sad: "I adopted a dog that had been abused and malnurished. His coat was like (MORE)

Why is the sad Cebu sad?

The entire song is a satire of WWII. the sad Cebu is Poland which became a battlefield for the larger nations and the sadness represents the spirit of the people. The mute Ceb (MORE)

Why are you so sad?

Sadness Is A State Of Mind It Can Be Caused By : Your fish is getting weaker which is making you super scared! Something disturbs you ,puberty,love,distance,loneliness et (MORE)

What is the sad part of the movie Toy Story 3?

There are two sad parts many laughts and adventure waiting there-i just seen it today with my little brothers and it IS so cool!So really-if you wanna find out more-WATCH IT!M (MORE)

What do you do when your sad?

When your sad, you should do something to cheer you up. Such as your favourite hobby, or eating somthing you like, or visiting someone you love. if you are sad because someone (MORE)

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Why are you sad?

Sadness can be a temporary emotional state that passes within hours  or days. Or, sadness can be a chronic emotional state that has one  or more underlying causes. For examp (MORE)

Why is your dog sad?

Dogs CAN get depressed . Did it lose a buddy ? Maybe it's getting arthritis. Has a child gone off to college ? If it lasts longer than two months , please take doggie to the V (MORE)

Why was david sad?

King David was once severely reproved for committing adultery. Goddecreed that the child of his adultery would die! However, Daviddid not wallow in self pity. (2 Samuel 12:20) (MORE)