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Why was Beethoven sad?

because he lost his sense of hearing       He was beaten by his father and he thought the woman he loved didn't love him anymore and left. When what the truth is, i (MORE)

Do dogs get sad?

Dogs feed of your energy so say if you were sad then the dog will feel and feed of that emotion Usualy they will know when your sad and they will go sit beside you and be lik (MORE)

What is the meaning of sadness?

Sadness is a natural feeling which, if unfelt, just stays in our array of unresolved trauma knots. As with other emotions, feel it and it will go away. Resist feeling it and i (MORE)

Is Dora sad?

  Yes   she cries about everything   and some might say that shes is emo.   Yes   she cries about everything   and some might say that shes is emo.
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How can you forget sadness?

5 tips to overcome sadness: 1. Find out the real reason why you are feeling sad Most of the time why we feel sad is because we don't accept a thing that has happened. Loss of (MORE)

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What is the sad part of the movie Toy Story 3?

There are two sad parts many laughts and adventure waiting there-i just seen it today with my little brothers and it IS so cool!So really-if you wanna find out more-WATCH IT!M (MORE)

What do you do when your sad?

When your sad, you should do something to cheer you up. Such as your favourite hobby, or eating somthing you like, or visiting someone you love. if you are sad because someone (MORE)

What rhymes with sad?

Words that rhyme with sad (-ad words) include:    ad  add  bad  cad  clad  dad  dyad  fad  glad  grad  had  lad  mad  pad  rad  tad  triad     (MORE)

Is it ok to be sad?

  Of course it's ok to be sad, it is a natural part of human emotions, but if it is really bothering you, it might be depression or something so you might need to go see a (MORE)

What can you do when you feel sad?

Depends what you feel sad about. If you are missing someone just try not to think about them and you'll soon get over it. If someones hurt you in a way try to forget about it (MORE)