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What do you call people from Galicia?

A person from the Spanish autonomous territory of Galicia is a  "Galician" in English, Galego (masculine) or Galega (feminine) in  Galician language.   A person from the (MORE)
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Why do people walk from France to galicia?

It's the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage trail to Santiago de Compostela in Spain, the location of the alleged tomb of the apostle St James. The track has been walked by pilgrim (MORE)
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Why did Theodore of samos make keys?

Know one can really say for sure if he made keys or not (at least that's what my resources tell me), but I would assume that if he did make keys, then he made them with the in (MORE)

Is Galicia a Country?

At present, Galicia is not a sovereign country but an AutonomousTerritory of Spain. It holds "national status" as recognised byGalician Statute of Autonomy (1981) and the Span (MORE)

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