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Who was the son of Samudragupta?

the 1st Gupta king Chandragupta-1 adopted the title of Maharajadhiraja or 'king of kings'. The gupta kings were great generals. Chandragupta-1 was an able conqueror. He also e ( Full Answer )
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Who called samudragupta as napoleon of India?

Who is known as the Napoleon of India? Samudragupta (335-375 AD) of the Gupta dynasty is known as the Napoleon of India. Historian A V Smith called him so because of his grea ( Full Answer )
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Why samudragupta is known as Indian napolean?

Because of his many conquests.Samudra Gupta is known as INDIAN NAPOLEON. His empire under his direct rule extended from BENGAL in the east to Delhi in the west,and the Himala ( Full Answer )