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Who is going to die on coronation street?

The people who may die are; Claire Peacock, Ashley Peacock, Rita Sullivan and Molly Dobbs.
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Do Americans watch coronation street?

I've been watching Corrie regularly since 2000. I live in the Northwestern US and my cable provider carries CBC. CBC cuts out whole scenes to make room for more commercials bu (MORE)

What is coronal caries?

Coronal cavities is the most common form in all ages. Coronal cavities are cavities of the visible part of the tooth (crown), usually on chewing surfaces or between teeth.
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Why is Coronation Street called Coronation Street?

[Because the road was probably named to celebrate the coronation of Queen Victoria or a later monarch] Queen Victoria's coronation was in 1838, so presumably the name refers (MORE)

What does coronation mean?

  A coronation is the symbolic ceremony of the crowning of a new monarch, i.e. "It's the queen's coronation today."
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In Canada how much is a coroners salary?

In Canada coroners earn an average salary of $36,403 to $67,843 for  an entry level position. However, after twenty years in the field  many coroners earn over $100,000.
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When was The Coronation of the Blessed Virgin Mary?

Roman Catholic Answer The Coronation of the Blessed Virgin Mary as Queen of Heaven and Earth is the Fifth Mystery of the Glorious Mysteries. The Coronation of the Blessed Virg (MORE)

Does Peter die in coronation street?

Chris Gascoyne who plays Peter Barlow in Coronation Street has not announced that he is leaving the show, so his character won't die. In December 2010, Peter Barlow was on lif (MORE)
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What do coroners do?

Coroners (literally 'protectors of the crown') used to have a wide range of public responsibilities on behalf of the King. Now, the coroner is (almost) solely involved in one (MORE)