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How many people died in 1906 in the San Andreas Fault?

In what is considered to be one of the worst natural disasters in the history of the US, about 3,000 people died- and more than 75% of San Francisco was destroyed- due to an e (MORE)

What can you do in san diego?

San Diego is a great city! I live in San Diego and there is everything to do! The beaches are always the first choice, with several to choose from, whether you want to surf or (MORE)

What is there to do in San Francisco?

There is china town, Alcatraz , the beach, trolleys, lots of gift shops, at pier 39 there are seals,and you could walk across the golden gate bridge or drive, and alot of othe (MORE)

How many people died in the 1906 San Francisco earthquake?

The official casualty count was 700, but as many as 3,000 people might have died. An estimated 225,000 people were left homeless, out of a population of about 400,000. Most of (MORE)

What is San Antonio?

The name "San Antonio" is a Spanish name meaning "Saint Anthony" in English. While there are many cities around the world with the name "San Antonio," the most popular city (MORE)

What does a SAN switch do?

  SAN switches are at the heart of most SANs. SAN Switches can connect both servers and storage devices, and thus provide the connection points for the fabric of the SAN (MORE)

Where is San Salvador?

It is the capital of El Salvador, in Central America. San Salvador is the capital of El Salvador. San Salvador became a  city in 1525 and currently has a population of 567,69 (MORE)

What is Sans-culottes?

Answer 1   A sans culotte means: without pants.    Answer 2   During the French Revolution it meant being a "tramp". Someone that  dressed like he lived in the (MORE)