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Who is Don Giovanni?

Don Giovanni is an opera in two acts with music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart with Italian libretto by Lorenzo Da Ponte. It was premiered in the Estates Theatre in Prague on 29t (MORE)

What was Giovanni caboto expedition date?

Giovanni Caboto or John Cabot was an explorer who landed in North  America in 1497. Although the exact location of his landing is not  entirely known, it is believed that Ca (MORE)

How did Giovanni da verrazano die?

he died while achoring in some where and rowing on a little row boat and going to shore to trade with the native Americans. the native Americans where not coorpertive and ate (MORE)

When did Nikki Giovanni die?

Nikki Giovanni has not died yet, but has had lung cancer, and had a lung removed.
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How did Giovanni da Verrazzano die?

some say that he was eaten by cannibals in the Caribbean.. orthers say he was killed by natives in the West Indies
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Isabella fiore who did she design for?

Isabella Fiore is the company name for a group of designers who design high end hand bags and accesories. There is no person namesd Isabella Fiore.
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Why did reality TV star Ryan Jenkins kill Jasmine Fiore?

That is the big question. TV Star: Ryan Jenkins killed Jasmine Fiore Because she was texting Her Former ex-boyfriend Because she wanted to me him in that following week so he (MORE)

Did Nikki Giovanni have siblings?

Nikki Giovanni did have a sibling. She had an older sister. Her sister's name is Gary Ann Giovanni.Her sister is 3 years older then her. Right now, Nikki Giovanni is 67 and Ga (MORE)

What has the author Giovanni Rosini written?

Giovanni Rosini has written: 'Saggio sulla vita e sulle opere di Antonio Canova' -- subject(s): Sculptors, Criticism and interpretation, Biography 'Historia of painting in (MORE)