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What is the distance between San Jose Costa Rica and Liberia?

  The distance between Liberia and San Jose Airport (SJO) is 210 kilometers. It takes roughly 3.5 hours to traverse.
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How far is san Jose Costa Rica from Liberia Costa Rica?

San Jose is 222 km away from Liberia town. It takes about 3.5 hours driving. A domestic flight takes only 30 minutes.
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What language is spoken in San Jose Costa Rica?

The official language for Costa Rica is Spanish, however, a large majority of the population speaks English as well. Both languages are spoken to varying degrees in San Jose. (MORE)
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Do howler monkeys live in San Jose Costa Rica?

There is very little wildlife in San Jose, Costa Rica, and although the climate is suitable for howler monkeys, there are virtually none in the capital. The most abundant crea (MORE)