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What does sante mean in Dutch?

"Sante" is not a Dutch word, it is a French word. We use it when we want to say "cheers" to someone with a drink (when we call out a toast). The translation of the word is "he (MORE)

What is a votre sante in Italian?

Huh... That's not Italian, it's French ;).... "A votre santé" is what you say when you make a toast. So, it could be translated as "Cheers", but the actual translation is "to (MORE)

Sant Kabir ke dohe?

/903_Verses_of_Kabir_in_Hindi_Kabir_ke_dohe.pdf websiteदुख म􀈂 सुमिरन सब करे, सुख मे करे न कोय । जो सुख (MORE)

Sant Kabir's biography in Hindi where to search?

संत कबीर   मुक्त ज्ञानकोष विकिपीडिया से कबीर सन्त कवि और समाज सुधा (MORE)

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