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What is 'domenica' when translated from Italian to English?

"Sunday" is an English equivalent of the Italian word domenica. The feminine singular noun also translates into English as "sabbath." The pronunciation will be "do-MEY-nee-ka" (MORE)

Who was Santa Ana?

  He was a Mexican General and was the General at the Alamo, he also lost an arm, not very well liked by his fellow Mexicans. He was a ruthless man.   He was a Mexican (MORE)

Is god santa?

No, Santa is based on a person, Saint Nicholas. He was from Myra,  Italy.
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Do they have a Santa Claus?

I am 10 years old, and today I just found out that all the magical  creatures our parents tell us are real and we believe, are not.  Yesterday I had doubts about the tooth f (MORE)

What is a Secret Santa?

Secret Santa   Perfect question for the upcoming "Holiday Season"......To my experience a "Secret Santa" is a gift-exchange when names are picked blindly (yours & others) (MORE)

What does Santa like?

Santa likes good little children who behave, he likes christmas, he likes cookies, he likes milk, he likes vacations, he likes secrets...:)
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How do you see Santa?

Stay awake all night! By these things! Leave your door cracked when you go to bed, especially if your door is creaky. This will only work if Santa does not wrap your presents (MORE)

What to ask Santa for?

Ask him for toys depending on your age and the things you like. But it does not have to be toys it can be anything like clothes, electronics, gift card or even money.
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