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Who is the duchess of york?

The Duchess of York is Sarah Ferguson, ex-wife of Prince Andrew, the son of Queen Elizabeth II.   ----   "Duchess of York" is used as her surname; it is not her title. (MORE)

How is Sarah Duchess of York to be addressed if you meet her?

"Your Grace." When she was married to Prince Andrew, Duke of York, she took his title, too. She was "Her Royal Highness, Sarah, Duchess of York." If you met her, the proper fo (MORE)

Who is churchill and what did he do?

Winston Churchill - British Prime Minister during World War II. He provided a reassuring presence after the fall of France in 1940, when it looked as though the war was lost. (MORE)

What is a duchess?

A duchess is a lady who holds that title in her own right or as a wife of a duke. a duchess is married to a duke.   they are the equivalent to a Marquise in french history (MORE)

How do you address a duchess?

The proper address for a Duke, and thus a Duchess, would be 'Your  Grace'.    Note, however, that while a person may be a Duchess, that might not  be the only title t (MORE)

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