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Is Saran a jatt last name?

yes it is. sarans are jat its fact ,there arelots of people use the words sra, sran but the both are same things , srans are jatt Sarans were said to be found cheifly aroun ( Full Answer )
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Is it bad to saran wrap your stomach?

i did it and i ended up in the hospital because i started to cook my insides.... i also pooped hot camel poop..
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How tall is actress shreya saran?

Actress Shriya Sentence is 5'4. Her acclaimed performances are notable in Sivaji and Kutty. She is currently gearing up for a Hollywood release.
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Is saran jat?

yes koi shak hai sarans are 100% jatts me too i'm too proud to be a saran jatt for more information u can check on wikipedia
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Does Shriya Saran have large breasts?

its average size, but she has underwent breast implantation to make it big to get good market....
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What is Saran used for?

Saran is best known for having been used in Saran Wrap - a thin, clingy plastic wrap that was sold in rolls and used primarily for wrapping food.
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What languages has Shriya Saran acted in?

Shriya Saran is an Indian born model and actress. She is said to have spoken many languages in her films including Telueu, English, Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi and Kannada.
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What languages does Shriya Saran speak?

Shriya Saran is an actress who can speak English, Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam. She has starred in many films since her acting debut in 2001.
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What are the common uses for saran wrap?

Saran wrap is commonly used for sealing and wrapping foods. Freezing and storage are also other functions of this plastic wrap which is used in most household.
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What has the author A K Saran written?

A. K. Saran has written: 'Traditional vision of man' -- subject(s): Man (Buddhism) 'Traditional thought' -- subject(s): Thought and thinking