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How do you get Multiple Sclerosis?

Multiple sclerosis is caused by damage to the myelin sheath, the protective covering that surrounds nerve cells. When this nerve covering is damaged, nerve impulses are slowed (MORE)

What is sclerosis?

\nSclerosis is the term used to describe where there has been wear & tear to a bone, and the body has attempted to make the bony area stronger by depositing new bone & calcium (MORE)

What is articular sclerosis?

Articular sclerosis is hardening, scarring or plaque buildup ofjoints. This condition typically occurs in bony joint areas likethe knees, hips, and spine.
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What is discogenic sclerosis?

Discogenic sclerosis is the area of wear and tear to a bone in theback. The deterioration of the discs can cause severe back pain.

What is sclerosis of the acetabulum?

It is the thickening of the bone in response to increased stress on the joint and is a sign of osteoarthritis. This is just one of a number of changes that appear on a pelvic (MORE)
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How do you pronouce sclerosis?

how can somebody prononce it to you over wikianswers!! The c in sclerosis is sounded out like a k and the o is a hard o. So if you break the word up it sounds like: SKLE-ROW- (MORE)
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What is audio sclerosis?

Sclerosis is the medical term for the stiffening of a structure. Like when the tissue of an organ is replaced by connective tissue. So in this case it would be the hardening o (MORE)

What are the sclerosis in multiple sclerosis?

MS is an autoimmune disease, which means that the body's immune system turns on itself and starts attacking body systems. When the body starts attacking nerve cells and destro (MORE)