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Was scooby and shaggy stoners?

Surprisingly yes they were, in the pilot episode in the opening song the the van's back door opens to reveil alot of smoke coming from the back. The FCC was outraged and told (MORE)

What mask goes with which name in Hollywood Undead?

    Charlie scene wears a bandana with sunglases and a hat.   J-Dog has a hockey mask with a dollar bill over the mouth and red paint "blood" coming dow from the ey (MORE)

Where is Hollywood?

Hollywood is a district, not an actual city. It refers to the movie  industry centered in Los Angeles, California, and to a part of town  loosely bounded by the Sunset Strip (MORE)

Are shaggy and scooby do high?

Obviously .... A) The dog is so high that this tongue is numb resulting in the odd pronunciation failure that invades his speech pattern B) The guy is so high that he's lost a (MORE)

Does Ellie end up with Craig in Degrassi goes Hollywood?

In the movie, Ellie is running away from her problems (ie Her father is in the hospital, sick, after returning from war in Afghanistan) and she runs into Craig in Hollywood an (MORE)

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