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What are cats?

Depends on the setting. . It can be a pet animal, it can also be an abbreviated name forseveral other things. . On a worksite, it can be short for "caterpillar", a brand nam (MORE)

Why cat are name cats?

It comes from the Latin word "Cattus", which referred to any creature in the Cat family, from lions to housecats. The word "cat" was later used in English to refer primarily t (MORE)

Do cats eat other cats?

It depends on what kind of cat it is. Lions eat cubs from other dens all the time, but a normal house pet probably wouldn't unless there's something wrong with it. Or it could (MORE)
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Why are wolves so scruffy?

  The reason why wolves look so scruffy is because there rough animals. Also because they get into fights.
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Why do cats bury Cat food?

A cat will sometimes try to bury any leftover food in order to save it for later. In the wild, a cat would probably bury prey in order to return to it later and to hide it fro (MORE)

Can a cat get roundworms from another cat?

Yes it can. Not only that, but cats can transmit roundworms to people as well, and the cycle keeps going as people transmit them to other people. When cats digs in ground that (MORE)

How can a cat be a cat?

A cat can be a cat by licking itself, hiding, and sometimes being loving. Siberian cats can be different. They are known as "the dogs of the cat world" because they can easil (MORE)