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Who sculpted the thinker?

  Answer     "The Thinker", originally named "The Poet", was sculpted in bronze by Auguste Rodin.
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How do you sculpt hands?

To sculpt hands, you would begin by making a draft of the sculpture  with soft clay. Then, select the sculpting medium that you would  like to work with and create a rough d (MORE)

What did Michealangelo sculpt?

Michelangelo did many sculptures during his career. One of the most famous is the 'David' in Florence, Italy. His unfinished 'bound slaves' are there too. In Rome there is his (MORE)

What is neural sculpting?

neural scutping is the brains ability to cleave (or destroy) neural pathways that are no long being utilized by the brain. It is almost like a weeding process.
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Is sculpting a noun?

No the word sculpting is not a noun. It is the present participleof the verb sculpt.
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Is sculpting an adverb?

No. Sculpting is a verb form (present participle) of the verb, to  sculpt, and can be used as a noun (sculpting for a living) or an  adjunct (sculpting tools).
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Is sculpting a from of art?

Very loosley. When it looks good, and it emboidies the emotions of the artist, it is. When the surverours understand it, but still ask questions it is. But if your mom did it (MORE)
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What is cool sculpting?

CoolSculpting is a treatment that can help to remove stubborn areas of fat around the midsection. Candidates for CoolSculpting should be in overall good health, and targets ar (MORE)
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Where can you find out how to sculpt?

You can learn how to sculpt by watching tutorial videos on YouTube. You can also learn how to sculpt from reading tutorials online from websites such as eHow.
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