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What feature sdo the dsi have?

Photos, Music, Messaging, Internet. With an R4i, you can add Videos and better Internet browsing. (You can't record videos though.)
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What festivals sdo Hindu's celebrate?

Hindus celebrate many festivals: Pongal, navarathri, Diwali, Saraswati pooja, vinayaka chadurthri, Krishna janmashtami, and many more!
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How sdo you say i dont kno spanish?

Depends on whether you are speaking of facts or relationships. In genreal it would be no sé or no lo sé. talking about preple, it would be no conozco.
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How sdo you say hello in Filipino?

first of all its Philippine and they say Hello too but 'how are u' is kamusta po (kuh-moose-tuh, poh
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How do you download sdo SDO-X Season2-64 Patchexetorrent?

First go to And go to download. If you has download, go to the screen and go to the icon. 1.Click on the "next" button after you double click on the icon you have d (MORE)