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How do you adjust a seiko watch band?

The manual for my watch did not say anything about how to adjust the band, but it's not hard if you have some simple tools. If you examine the links carefully, on the back you (MORE)
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What is seiko 5?

Seiko 5s are a relatively inexpensive line of automatic watches which are supposed have 5 characteristics: Shockproof, water resistant, day, date, and self winding.

What does Seiko mean in Japanese?

It depends on what characters are actually used but i know it used as sincere child. I've seen people say it mean f*** "according to google translator" (because I'm sure that' (MORE)
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How do you wind a Seiko kinetic watch?

A new kinetic watch should wind enough just from normal daily arm movement. If it keeps running out then it can be wound manually by hand by taking the watch off and holding o (MORE)
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Are Seiko watches very expensive?

Generally speaking, yes these are very expensive watches. This is a  very well known watch maker that many people would enjoy to own.  You can however find different deals t (MORE)
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What type of movement does a Seiko watch have?

A Seiko watch has a special movement that is completely solar powered and never has to be recharged as far as batteries are concerned. Each watch can hold a reserve of power o (MORE)