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What is electromagnet?

An electromagnet is a magnet that runs on electricity. Unlike a permanent magnet, the strength of an electromagnet can easily be changed by changing the amount of electric cur (MORE)

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How do you make an electromagnet?

Electromagnets are made by wrapping wire around a conductive rod, so that an electromagnetic field is created when current is passed through the wire. CAUTION : Do not use 11 (MORE)

What can an electromagnetic engine do?

It can power any friction required movement device. Such as a car, boat, airplane, missile, etc.. It can be used as a ballistic firing platform Such as a handgun or Rail (MORE)

What is an electromagnet?

Any conductor carrying an electric current induces a magnetic field. If the conductor is wrapped around an iron core, the magnetic field produced can be used for many uses. (MORE)

How an electromagnet work?

  An Electromagnet uses an electric current to produce a magnetic field; this field is generated by the movement of electrons through a coiled wire. More coils = more powe (MORE)
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What is the equipment for an electromagnet?

A coated copper wire, something round and metal that can magnetize, and a source of Direct Current (DC) First; wrap a thin, coated wire around a round metal object, such as (MORE)
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What is electromagnet train?

You must mean a Maglev train. A Maglev train operates on maglev  (magnetic levitation). It uses electromagnets (and  possibly superconductors) that repel each other to lift (MORE)

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What are examples of electromagnet?

Electromagnetic energy is an invisible form of energy in the  transverse wave form. Of the many types of energy in our universe,  this form of energy is the only one that do (MORE)