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Leader in Second Seminole War?

The leader, Osceola, called to his followers and told them to go against the Indian Removal Act and the Second Seminole War was started. Osceola was taken prisoner and he died (MORE)

Why did the US government want to remove the seminole Indians from Florida?

Because the US government wanted to keep the citizens safe. . . . Or because the US government wanted land so that they could cultivate it, use it, build on it and make mone (MORE)

Did the Seminole Indians play games?

Yes They Did The Teenagers Boys Liked To Play Ball Games Like Stickball, Similar To The Lroquois Game Of Lacrosse. The Littler Kids Play With Palmetto Dolls and Played With Wo (MORE)

What happened to the Seminoles and when?

The Seminole Indians fought with the United States Army. In 1835 the Seminoles Defeated the United States Army in the Battle of Dade and started the Second Seminole War. In 18 (MORE)

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Did the Seminole trib do any carving?

yes-The very early dolls were hand carved then dress in cloth clothes-they are beautiful.. They made small hand carved canoes-which they sometimes put in a seminole doll. They (MORE)

Were the Seminole nomadic?

The Seminole Native Americans were not nomadic. They did move from  time to time, but remained in a fixed settlements most of the time.
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What is the Seminole ''chickee''?

A chickee is a shelter used by the Seminole tribe made of Palmetto thatch over a Cypress log frame. It was first used by the Seminoles in the early 1800's when the Seminoles w (MORE)

How did the Seminoles get there name?

The name 'Seminole' is a variation of the Spanish word 'Cimarron,  which means 'runaway.' The Seminoles can trace their ethnicity back  to through various tribes, mainly Cre (MORE)