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If your husband is impotent and you had marriage counselling and have a 6-year-old daughter and have been separated for 3 years is it fair for you to walk away since you have no intimacy?

\n WHEN IS ENOUGH, ENOUGH? \n. \nHi there and thanks for your candid answer. Men aren't just impotent for no reason and it's either psychological (goodness, the therapi ( Full Answer )
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What is fairness?

There are some things given to us by nature, which are proven to be just too good for the skin when used as they are. The trick lies in following the correct procedure for usi ( Full Answer )
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Is fair always fair or is it unfair?

Well, your probably thinking of when your parents or brothers and sister or grandma or grandad shout at you or tell you your not aloud to do something right? Well, as a younge ( Full Answer )
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When will separation be an answer?

Separation is not the same as divorce. Often it can help heal wounds that would otherwise fester if both partners are in constant close proximity. Many times it's highly benef ( Full Answer )
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What does fair stand for in fair trade?

A: The " fair " in fair trading is " Making poverty history " would that not be fair . Find out more by googling " Global fair trade ".
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Was the stamp act fair or not fair?

It was fair to the British because the have to pay for the Frenchand Indian war. But taxing the colonies was not a fair way ofgetting that money, because the colonists had no ( Full Answer )
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Is it fair that religion separates us?

NO! Religion should not separate us. If your an Atheist (Me) or a Hindi. We are all humans. It doesn't matter what people think. If you think that another religion or way o ( Full Answer )
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How do you spell fair as in it's not fair?

That is the correct spelling of "fair" for both a festival or being reasonable. The sound-alike word fare is the cost of a ticket, or a kind of food served. It is used as a ( Full Answer )
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Is capital punishment fair or not fair?

Answer 1 - YES I think it is fair if it is always lawfully applied andif we can virtually eliminate the possibility of misapplication. Answer 2 - NO I believe that its irr ( Full Answer )