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What are the precautions of storms?

There are numerous precautions you should take during storms.  Thunderstorms generally have high winds, lightning and rain. It is  best to stay indoors and away from windows (MORE)

What is storm?

A storm is any disturbed state of an environment or  astronomical body's atmosphere especially affecting its surface, and  strongly implying severe weather. It  may be mark (MORE)

What is spinning storm?

Different types of storm rotate. A large-scale rotating storm may  be called a cyclone. A violently rotating storm that is produced by  a thunderstorm is a tornado.
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What rhymes with storm?

conform deform disinform dorm form inform lukewarm misinform norm orme perform reform schwarm swarm torme transform warm warm, corm, dorm, norm Dorm, form, norm, swarm, warm.
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Who is September Carrino?

September Carrino is a pin-up girl that lives in Los Angeles,  California. She has her own website as well as a Facebook page.
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How are storms named?

  Storm names are determined by a list of selected names used by the weather serivce, and are issued alphabetically in order of the storms appearance. the first storm of t (MORE)
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Is stormed an adverb?

No. Stormed is a verb form, and stormy is an adjective. The adverb  form "stormily" is rarely used.
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