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What is storm?

A storm is any disturbed state of an environment or  astronomical body's atmosphere especially affecting its surface, and  strongly implying severe weather. It  may be mark (MORE)
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What is September name after?

September is named for the latin word "septem" meaning seven. It used to be the seventh month in the roman calendar (until July and August were added by the first roman empero (MORE)
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Why is September called September?

  "Sept" is an extraction of the latin word for "seven". September was the seventh month in the ancient ten-month calendar. Some of the months were named for the gods, e.g (MORE)

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What can you do about a storm?

Secure loose articles in pool area. If you have a pool blanket ensure it is entirely deployed. If unsure roll up blanket and remove roller to safer area with overcover fitted. (MORE)

Who is September Carrino?

September Carrino is a pin-up girl that lives in Los Angeles,  California. She has her own website as well as a Facebook page.

Does September have a holiday?

In the US, the first Monday of September is Labor Day. It is a major federal holiday meaning banks are closed and mail is not delivered. It is considered the unofficial end of (MORE)
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Is September a verb?

No, because you cannot 'September'. September is a proper noun and a month, but definitely not a verb.
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