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When was Junipero Serra canonized?

  Junipero Serra has not been canonized.     The Spanish Franciscan priest and founder of the California missions, who died August 28, 1784, has been honored with t (MORE)
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Who was father junipero serra?

Father Junipero Serra is best known for establishing 9 of the 21Spanish missions that were built from San Diego to San Francisco inthe 1700s. He was born in Petra, Majorca, Sp (MORE)

What are facts about Father Serra?

Father Serra's real name is Miguel Jose Serra. He was born at Petra on the Island of Mallorca, Spain. At the age of 16 he entered the service of the Catholic Church. Father S (MORE)

What country was Father Serra in?

Father Serra, or Junípero Serra, was a Franciscan friar of the 1700s. Father Serra lived in different countries throughout his 70-year-old life. Serra was born in the town of (MORE)

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