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Where can you buy a Serta Brittany Mattress?

You may find that Serta markets mattresses under several differentnames and that, between stores, it is going to be extremely hard tocompare apples to oranges. I have had the ( Full Answer )
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Can you use a sealy boxspring with a serta mattress?

It depends on your comfort needs. If the height provided by the boxspring plus the serta mattress is just right, it shouldn't be a problem. But make sure you are getting the r ( Full Answer )
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How does a King Koil mattress compare to a Serta?

"The King Koil mattress gets mixed reviews, certainly nowhere nearthe quality of the Serta! However, experts agree that mattresspreference is all about the individual, and you ( Full Answer )
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What side of the serta master sleeper mattress is for infants?

One side of your mattress should have sheep labeled with a "1/16" on them, and the other side should have sheep labeled "1".. The "1/16" side is the baby side, and the "1" si ( Full Answer )
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Where online can one purchase Serta mattresses?

Serta mattresses can be purchased at the following stores: Overstock, Serta Canada, Macy's, Serta, US Matress, Amazon, Sears, Sears Outlet, and most bedding stores.
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Where can the Serta Perfect sleeper mattress be bought?

You can find Serta Perfect sleeper mattress at Sears, Wal-Mart, Target, JC Penny and Good Bed. You can also check on the official website of Sera, they offer mattress.
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What kind of race is a Serta Sheep?

Serta sheep do not belong to a specific race. They were created as a marketing campaign for Serta mattresses and they have become an unofficial mascot for the brand.
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Serta I comfort mattress cost?

Online it costs from around $1,300 to $2,800 before any deals orspecials are applied. The cost could be different at a localdealer.