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What are servings?

A helping of food or drinking. We normally translate servings as a portion for food and as a dose for drinking.
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What rhymes with simply?

dimply, like baby's cheeks. gimply as in limping. pimply as in having acne. wimply as in wimply running away from a fight
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Why ICT and not simply IT?

ICT means Information and Computer Technology; IT means just Information Technology. However since both refer to the same thing and it involves both information and computers, ( Full Answer )
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Is simply a noun?

No, a noun is a person, place or thing. Simply is an adjective.. its not a adjective its a pronoun because it has "ly" on the end
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What is 'simply' in Italian?

Semplicemente is an Italian equivalent of 'simply'. It's formed by adding the adverb ending '-mente' to the adjective 'semplice' ['simple']. It's pronounced 'sehm-plee-ch ( Full Answer )
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Why is ICT and not simply IT?

I reckon some smart person wanted to incorporate communication in to Information technology or they just didnt like IT on its own
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What is a simply machine?

a simply machine ex: (pulley) is a machine the makes work easier by making you use less force over a greater distance but you are still doing the some amount of work the great ( Full Answer )
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Who is the Simply Clan?

The Simply Clan is a clan on Xbox live, currently (last updated 2012) 538th in MLG events. The leaders are SimplyCalum, xXSimplyALLAHXx and SimplyN00B
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Who is simply spoons?

simply spoons is a youtuber he made 1 or 2 original songs and about 22 covers. he also makes videos where you pretends to be harry styles. he does some parodies, and sometimes ( Full Answer )
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What is the noun for simply?

The word 'simply' is the adverb form of the adjective 'simple'. The noun forms of the adjective 'simple' are simpleness and simplicity .