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How do you be sexual?

By being human. All humans are sexual. Unless you mean how can you be sexy? In which case, that is relative. Each individual finds "sexy" to be different. It's mainly about co (MORE)
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What is sexual and a sexual reproduction?

Sexual is when it takes two mammals to reproduce life. Asexual is when something can reproduce life on its own. For example - A plant.
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Why do you have bi-sexuals?

You have bi-sexuals in this world because people may feel like they just dont like one gender but another gender they feel their gender is atractive to them and they like them (MORE)
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What is a sexual napalm?

it's like, the same effect a woman has on you that's like the effects of drugs. it can be a good effect or a bad one. hope this helps :)
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How do you satisfy sexually?

Women:RUb her clit,pull/suck her nibbles n that should get her wet!! Men:blowjob..boys r wayy 2 easy
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Does a DOLPIHN reproduce sexually or a sexually?

All mammals reproduce sexually. In fact, the dolphin is one of the few species that have sex just for pleasure's sake, with both male and female pod members.
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What is a by sexual?

i think you mean the term, 'bi sexual' it's where a person is attracted to both genders, as in, likes boys and girls.
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What is the sexual?

Relating to the instincts, physiological processes, and activitiesconnected with physical attraction or intimate physical contactbetween individuals.
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What is my sexuality?

Your preference which only you know decides that, unless you arelooking for definition then specify