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Shannon Tweed own a nail salon?

yes Shannon tweed does own a nail salon her boy friend gene Simmons bought it for her and her sister Tracy tweed

Why is harris tweed so expensive?

Harris tweed is expensive because it is all hand woven on manual treadle looms as part of a labour intensive process in the outer Hebrides. Only fabric made there in the tradi (MORE)

Who is boss tweed?

Boss Tweed is the very symbol for big city scandal. Through bribery, false print materials, false bills, and use of gangs and power positions, Boss Tweed managed to steal a su (MORE)

Who was boss tweed?

The person know as Boss Tweed was William M. Tweed. He was a member  of the US House of Representatives from the 5th district of New  York. He served from March 4, 1853 to M (MORE)

What is shannon?

It is of Gaelic origin, and the meaning of Shannon is "old, ancient" is is both a boy and girl name and that of a river.
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Where is the salon shannon tweed owns?

I saw it on a repeat show yesterday here in Australia. On the inside wall it had "Tweed Sisters Nails & Spa". I am not sure if if business is still operational, as I think thi (MORE)