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What are Shanty Towns?

Shanty towns were communities of people who lived in cardboard box or other makeshift homes. Heya, Shanty towns are areas of low quality housing often found on the outski ( Full Answer )
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What is a shanty?

shanty is a little shack A shanty town is a collection of shacks, made of whatever the people can get hold of. A shanty is a portable shed or a shack. It's a dwelling.
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What is a shanty town?

"Shanty town" is a part of large cities where poor people live in home-built shacks, often with no electricity or water. - A part of many 3 world cities in Africa and south Am ( Full Answer )
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What is a sea shanty?

A Sea Shanty (also known as a chantey) Is a traditional song sung by sailors, either in maritime trade or the navy. There are many different kinds of shanties. Some were used ( Full Answer )
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Where is a shanty town?

A "Shantytown" is a neighborhood consisting of collection more-or-less permanent semi-urban residences constructed from improvised building materials (plywood, plastic, sheet ( Full Answer )
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Who are the shanty Irish?

The word "shanty" is not used much in Ireland. It seems to be a word used mainly by americans. "Shanty Irish" was used to describe the poorest of the poor Irish immigrants, ( Full Answer )
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What are shanty beans?

Shanty beans are from a receipt that represents "down-home cooking". Beans were a food staple and easy to store and quick to prepare. Originally, they were made in a pot and a ( Full Answer )
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What is a windlass shanty?

A windlass shanty was a working song sung by sailors in the 19thcentury. This particular shanty was associated with raising andlowering the anchor and other repetitive tasks.
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What is a shanty song?

Shanties are work songs that were sung on board ships. "Drunken Sailor" is a classic example. Singing together helped sailors pull on a line (rope) in together and helped with ( Full Answer )
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Who is Shantis Thompson?

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