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What is shelter?

Shelter is protection from the elements that you can get inside, but doesn't move with you as clothing does. Shelter could be natural (a cave) or man-made (a house). It can be (MORE)

What do shelteres do?

Shelters such as smoking shelters and waiting shelters keep people dry when the weather is bad outside. Smoking shelters also provide a good space for smokers to smoke without (MORE)
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What is a shelter?

Shelter is a roof over your head something that keeps you out ofthe weather and hopefully keeps you warm and dry. shelters can bemade out of wood, metal, tarp, tents well just (MORE)

What is 'This is shelter' in French?

C'est de l'abri is a French equivalent of 'This is shelter'. The demonstrative 'ce'* means 'this'. The verb 'est' means '[he/she/it] is'. The partitive 'de l' combines the (MORE)
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What is shelter for a deer?

They most of the time they are under a tree or if it raining they find a place where it dry and safe.
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Where can you get shelter?

It depends on the shelters you are looking for. if you are looking for cycle shelters, smoking shelters and waiting shelters then the website in the related links is a great p (MORE)
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What kind of shelter is the Anderson shelter?

The Anderson shelter is based on curved and straight galvanised corrugated steel panels and provided good protection from shockwaves. They were designed to accommodate up to s (MORE)