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How do you start or sing up for gymnastics?

  You can probably look in a phone book or the internet to find a local gym in your area offering gymnastics. Some gymnastics facilities offer more than gymnastics as well (MORE)

Who sings the breakout in shake it up?

Contrary to popular belief this song was not sung by Selena Gomez. Selena sings the theme song to Shake It Up. The Song Breakout (aka Chain's Can't Hold Me) song is sung by Ma (MORE)

How do you tell WikiAnswers to shut the up?

Why would you want to ! I'm guessing from your question you've (a) Had a less than helpful answer in response to a question you posted or (b) been reprimanded for an inferior (MORE)

What does shut the f up mean?

Shut the F up means, and pardon the foul language, shut the f*ck up. Most likely the person has said this to you because they feel offended or annoyed by something you may hav (MORE)