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What is a sigma?

There are several possible definitions. First, sigma is a letter of the Greek alphabet. Second, sigma is a mathematical operation meaning "sum of the following values". There ( Full Answer )
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What is a sigma rune?

I don't know exactly, but it is probably a very magical rune letter. The topic title confuses me slightly, but in maths sigma is considered a summation sign. Are you con ( Full Answer )
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Why sigma is used in 6 sigma?

sigma represents standard deviation. In a normal distribution, +/- 1 sigma from the mean, for instance, corresponds to approximately 67% of the area under the normal distribut ( Full Answer )
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What does a sigma do?

what dose a sigma do? . were dose the polen go when the bees get it? . how do flowers have babes?
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What does sigma stand for in six sigma?

its a statistical term for standard diviation. in normal distribution if there are six standard deviations between the process mean and the nearest specification limit, the ( Full Answer )
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What is 4.5 sigma?

4.5 Sigma is 1350 defects per million pieces You can check out the number of defective pieces per million & the % accuracy for all Sigma levels in the six sigma conversion ch ( Full Answer )
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What is sigma in flower?

Stigma is a sticky structure that serves as a landing platform for pollen... it sits above the style.
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Does the Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority haze?

It is HIGHLY UNlikely you will find a Tri Sigma sorority hazing considering that was the sorority who first developed a no hazing policy. It is also against the law in some st ( Full Answer )
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What is the motto of Sigma Sigma Rho?

Sigma Sigma Rho's motto is 'Mann, Atman, Dharam, Together they are one... We will not fall, forever we are one.'.