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What is sisterhood?

sisterhood is the fact of being a sister. sisterhood includes alot of responsibilities and fun. see if there is another question that shows what you do in sisterhood.

What is The Twisted Sisterhood website all about?

The twisted sisterhood is a web site for women of every age who love to have fun. Woman in general seldom take the time for fun, but we believe that everyone deserves to have (MORE)
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What is the sisterhood promise?

This is the historical song that sisterhood connects with people, it has to be done in sunlight outside, or darkness inside, while holding the persons hands.. you say togethe (MORE)

What is 'sisterhood' in French?

There isn't really a word for it in French. If you mean a religious community (of nuns), you would say 'une communauté religieuse (de bonnes soeurs)'. If you mean sisterhoo (MORE)

What is sisterhood of the travaling pants about?

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is about four girls who are more like sisters to each other than friends. Through a pair of pants that somehow fits them all perfectly, it un (MORE)
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What is OES sisterhood?

Order of the Eastern Star Chapters is open to women 18 years of age or older - regardless of race, color, or religion. Our membership requirements are very clear: