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Why is Yang Yang the giant panda famous?

Because she gave birth to a boy cub in Aug 2007 & he was the only cub to be born in Europe in the last 25 years.
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Who is rika yang?

Rika Yang is the model/actress who stars in the Heineken Draft Keg commercials:. To see what she looks like when n ( Full Answer )
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What is yang?

Chinese system contains yin and yang.yang means lighter site of life.if u hv fever it is due to yang and shievering is due to yin.
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What is a Yin-Yang?

A yin-yang is a circular symbol with black and white sections,representing the fusion of the concepts of yin and yang.
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What are yin and yang?

Yin and yang are two principles. Yang is negative, dark, and feminine. Yin is positive, bright, and masculine
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Who is yang yoseob?

Yang Yoseob is a member of the Korean boy band Beast (or B2ST). He is known as the cute one in the group and is often reffered to playfully as the "pet idol" because of his ex ( Full Answer )
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Who is Shang Yang?

Shang Yang was an important statesman of the State of Qin duringthe Warring States period of Chinese history.
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What is a yang?

A yang is the former monetary unit of Korea from 1892 to 1902, thecry of the wild goose, or the male principle in eastern philosophy.
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Who was shang yang?

Shang Yang was a statesman of Qin during the Warring States periodin the Qin Dynasty (221 BC - 206 BC).
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What has the author Yang Yang written?

Yang Yang has written: 'Yang Yang' 'MONKEY REVIVES THE DEAD' 'Wang quan de tu teng hua' 'Ming dai Nu'ergan du si ji qi wei suo yan jiu' -- subject(s): History, Nu'erga ( Full Answer )