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Was the civil war necessary for the abolition of slavery?

Answer     yes because it helped all slaves to be free and it helped them to start a new life     That can't be true because a whole bunch of slaves died in th (MORE)

Did President Lincoln live to see the abolition of slavery?

The answers was Yes and No.    Technically, the 13th Amendment is what abolished slavery.   This occurred 6 months after Lincoln was assassinated.    However (MORE)

Why did the civil war include the abolition of slavery?

  As the war went on, more and more slave refugees came ito the Union lines, and the North had to decide what to do with them. They could not be sent back south to help th (MORE)
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What is the reasons of abolition slavery?

Some of the reasons were economic; some were the actions of the black slaves; some were the actions of white working class people, and some were the actions of the white middl (MORE)

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What caused abolition of slavery in southern states?

The answer to this question could be a lot more detailed then just the North's victory during the American Civil War. I think the best answer to this question would be when b (MORE)