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What is a smartphone?

A smartphone is an electronic hand-held device that integrates the functionality of a mobile phone, personal digital assistant (PDA) or other information appliance. Some mo (MORE)

What smartphones are there?

Ora ha solo un sacco di telefono. . . Per esempio, ho usato LenteenS4 ZET zopo zp800 xiao mi...
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Is N86 a smartphone?

Yes the N86 from Nokia is a smartphone. While it is a smartphone it is a few years old (2009) and doesn't have a touchscreen like most smartphones now have. It uses navigation (MORE)

Are smartphones cool?

Depends on what features you do and don't like. These mobile devices are generally more expensive because of the additional features. As a consequence DATA Plans to suck yo (MORE)

Why a smartphone is called smartphone?

It is called the smartphone generally because of it's capabilities. Previously a cell phone only had text and calling capabilities. The smartphone is capable of running applic (MORE)

What can a smartphone do?

A smart phone is a phone that can do "beyond" what regular phonesdo. a smart phone can browse the web virtually anywhere! forinstance you could go on face book anytime you wou (MORE)
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What is smartphone and what can it dO?

A smartphone is a cell phone that you can browse the Internet. You could go on facebook twitter youtube google and other sites and you play games on it
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