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Why is quartz shapeless?

"Shapeless" quartz is usually associated with tectonic movements and metamorphic rocks. In granites it is about the last mineral to crystallise and it fills the spaces between (MORE)

How do you spell smokey?

The spelling smoky means having the odor or flavor of smoke, or the Great Smoky Mountains. The spelling Smokey is a proper name: an animated bear character used by the US Fore (MORE)

What can you do with quartz?

Chemically it is Silica - Silicon Dioxide - the main constituent of glass.       Quartz is piezo-electric and was used in early sonar transducers, but modern sonar uses (MORE)

Why is quartz a compound?

Quartz is composed of more than one element, hence, it is a compound. (Sillicon and oxygen) Yes.
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Is it 'Smokey the Bear' or 'Smokey Bear'?

It is 'Smokey Bear'. There is no "the" in his name. That was added by songwriters to make their song sound better. Check the National Forest Service's history of Smokey Bear a (MORE)

What is quartz?

Quartz is a naturally occurring silicate mineral composed of silicon dioxide (SiO2). Its hardness is 7 on the Mohs scale and it is in the trigonal crystal system. Quartz posse (MORE)

Is a quartz a cleavage?

No. In minerology, cleavage is a feature, not a physical thing. Regardless, quartz does not possess the feature known as cleavage, meaning that it has no parallel broken surfa (MORE)
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How do you dissolve quartz?

Quartz may be slowly dissolved in hydrofloric acid. It may dissolved more slowly in a boiling solution of sodium carbonate or a boiling solution of common salt and bleach.

Is quartz covalent?

Ionic and covalent bonds are defined by bond length, and in many real compounds the actual bond length is between the ionic and covalent bond lengths. These bonds can be descr (MORE)